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For Benise, music has always been a journey…from his humble beginnings as a street performer, to performing around the world. “I wanted to push the boundaries of traditional Nuevo Flamenco/Spanish guitar while combining the elements of dance and theater. This show is a celebration of culture--the culmination of all the shows we’ve done over the last 10 years.” comments composer, virtuoso guitarist and creative force behind the event, BENISE.

Benise kicks off his 10 Year Anniversary Tour with a new PBS Special and DVD – ‘Benise: Strings of Passion,’ a Special Edition 2-CD Set and also releases his first book, ‘Benise: The Notes Less Traveled.’


Benise: Strings of Passion – June 1, 2015

The Prince of Spanish Guitar, Benise is ‘Bennissmo!’ in this ‘Best Of’ 10 year collection narrated by Benise with added new songs and bonus materials. The Emmy Award Winning show celebrates World Music and dance. Benise, armed with his Spanish Guitar and international dance troupe takes us on musical journey through Salsa, Flamenco, Samba, Waltz, and Tango.

Through intimate conversations with Benise, ‘Strings of Passion’ reveals the cultural and personal influences that have shaped the man and the musician. Go center stage with BENISE on the road from Spain, China, Paris, Egypt, India, Cuba, Italy, Dubai, the Heartland of America…and more…

The Theatrical World Music and Dance Spectacle that has been called

The Latin Riverdance”.

Fresh off his blockbuster 34 City Tour through China and over 100 performances in 2014, BENISE (pronounced Buh-nes-say) and cast return in 2015 with their brand new electrifying multi-cultural stage show ‘Strings of Passion.’

Classic Rock anthems are brilliantly fused with fiery Spanish guitar and Spanish dance! Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and The Eagles...to name a few.



‘Strings of Passion’ is an unprecedented and spectacular adventure through Spanish Flamenco, Cuban Salsa, and Brazilian Samba that raises the standards of live performance to a fresh new level of originality with dancing that is equally mysterious, sensual and festive.


The dancers in ‘Strings of Passion’ – ‘The Gitanas.’ were carefully handpicked from a global pool of some of the most brilliantly diverse talent to be found. Breathtaking couture fashion and innovative staging and choreography give Spanish dance a fresh and luminous makeover.

“This is a great show for the whole family; I really think we have something for everyone,” comments BENISE. “I hope people will be inspired--by our story, by the music, by the production--and have the passion to follow their own dreams.” Looking ahead to future tour dates, BENISE adds, “I can’t wait to travel to new cities, meet new people, and play every night--it’s what I live for.”

‘The Prince of Spanish Guitar’ - Dancing With The Stars

Bennissimo!’ - Chicago News

‘Extreme Flamenco Fusion’ - Screen India


Rarely is an artist capable of touching the hearts and souls of people of all ages, cultures, and diverse musical backgrounds as BENISE. (pronounced Buh-nes-say).

Armed with his Spanish guitar and an amazing world-class band of musicians, Benise pushes the boundaries of traditional Flamenco/Spanish guitar.

Since the age of eleven (when he received his first guitar), BENISE practiced relentlessly, completely self-taught, mastering a variety of different styles that were eventually to become his own unique sound. Though unable to read a single note, he began composing original works with powerful emotional arrangements that are both wild and refined, producing a sound that is as edgy and exotic as it is romantic and sensual. “I’m always inspired by places I’ve traveled,” says BENISE, “so I’ll try to capture the essence and beauty of the different places in my melodies. It’s truly like painting on air--creating colors and lush soundscapes that take people (and me) away to a safe place with no prejudice and no boundaries.”

Leaving his family and friends in the Midwest to move 1500 miles away from home to Los Angeles with nothing more than his guitar, he held in his heart the encouragement from his parents to “work hard and have faith.”

After being turned down by almost every club in Los Angeles, BENISE started performing on the streets. It was not uncommon for BENISE to put on over 200 shows a year, sometimes playing 2 to 3 events in a single day. Tourists from around the world and native Angelinos alike took to BENISE like the “Pied Piper” of Spanish guitar. From there, the path of his music took on a life of its own, effortlessly opening doors along the way to attract musicians, dancers and cirque performers, eventually creating the extended family that is now known simply as his namesake, “BENISE.”

BENISE started to promote his own concerts, selling out 2,000 seat theaters through Southern California. A natural performer, BENISE held audiences captive with exotic drums, Gypsy violin, Flamenco dancers, Cirque performers, Brazilian Samba dancers and percussionists, African tribal drummers, Havana horns, and brilliant theatrical lighting to create and unforgettable experience.

In addition to organizing stunning live shows, BENISE took his career by the reins by producing, arranging and releasing 11 albums on his own independent record label, Spanish Guitar International, plus 4 DVDs.

The recordings capture the expressive Spanish guitar arrangements that stem from influences around the world, carrying listeners to such culturally rich destinations as Spain, Africa, Brazil, the Mediterranean, Cuba, India and Egypt. “It’s almost like writing a soundtrack to a movie,” notes BENISE, “but a lot of my songs tell a story so they’re perfect for the stage.”

Combining the Cultures of the World through Music and Dance!

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