NEW RELEASE [DVD] Fuego! (Spirit of Spain) NEW PBS SPECIAL

Benise DVD Fuego Cover.jpg
Benise DVD Fuego Cover.jpg

NEW RELEASE [DVD] Fuego! (Spirit of Spain) NEW PBS SPECIAL



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It’s one hot night as Benise unveils his fourth PBS spectacular new production

FUEGO! - Spirit of Spain. Benise, ‘The Prince of Spanish Guitar,’ takes us on a romantic and exotic journey of music and dance that celebrates the fire, passion, and spirit of Spain. Benise adds his signature guitar twist on such classics as Granada, Malagueña, Moonlight Sonata, Asturias, and Adagio.


1.     Concerto de España

2.     Shambala

3.     Latin Quarter

4.     Tuscan Sun

5.     Victory

6.     Roses To Thorns

7.     Galletto’s Jam

8.     Rhumba Café

9.     Forever After

10.  Moonlight Sonata / Adagio

11.  The Duel / Malagueña

12.  I Will Always Love U (Bodhi’s Song)

13.  Baile! Baile! (Little Havana)